Your All-in-One Robotic Development Toolkit CITROS is more than just a platform - it's a revolution for robotic development!

Get started in seconds

pip install citros

Initialize CITROS in seconds

Just cd to your project directory and run the following command to initialize CITROS in your

citros init

*this will create local .citros folder that contains all the necessary files to start using CITROS.

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Run Simulation

Launching Simulations and Collecting Data with citros run

citros run

The citros run command is a powerful tool that enables you to effortlessly launch simulations and collect data from a local machine or a remote one. This command seamlessly integrates into any CI/CD pipeline, making CITROS an invaluable tool for robotics DevOps.


Record Simulation Data

CITROS prioritizes accessibility when storing your data. It goes beyond saving simulation bags by storing comprehensive information about the host machine, including:

Metrics: CPU, GPU, memory usage, etc.

Logs: Standard output, standard error, ROS logs

Package managers: pip, apt, etc.

This comprehensive approach ensures you have all the necessary information readily available for further analysis.


Query data

CITROS provides seamless access to all recorded simulated data directly from the recorded bags, or trough a postgres database that will give the power of queuing the data you need in ease. CITROS comes with a data analysis package that will expose all the necessary tools to analyze the data using python. Uncover insights effortlessly with CITROS's using python notebooks.

Garden Examples
from citros import CitrosDB  
citros = CitrosDB(simulation = 'simulaiton_1', batch='first_run')  
    xy_plot(ax, var_x_name = '[0]',
        var_y_name = '[1]', 
        x_label = 'x', 
        y_label = 'y', 
        title_text = 'y vs. x') 

Verification & Validation

Harness the power of the citros-data-analysis package:

- Analyze and query data stored in the cloud seamlessly.

- Perform error estimation and validation.

- Integrate effortlessly with any Python notebooks environment.

- Leverage CITROS built-in Python notebook environment for immediate access.

This dedicated package streamlines data analysis, validation and verification for valuable insights.

comint soon


Automate data analysis reports for continuous evaluation:

- Trigger automatic report generation and signing pushing to a branch/ PR etc.

- Store reports within CITROS for easy access through the web UI.

- Configure both public and private access for reports depending on your needs.

This feature makes it convenient to track your progress and assess your system’s performance over time.